Solutions on a By The Question Basis

Turn your problems into profits.  Just bring your questions to Marion Gropen. She'll help you isolate the critical elements, craft solutions, and show you techniques that you will rely upon for years to come -- all for a very low fee.

Even Marion's most experienced clients have commented on how much they learn from every consult. 

When do you need her? When you:

  • Want to increase your profits . . . and you don't know what to change.
  • Need a better way to set the price of your books.
  • Negotiate an unfamiliar sort of deal, including subsidiary rights, buying or selling a company, or setting up distribution.
  • Start a new venture, whether you're new to publishing, or just taking a new role.
  • Have any other question about the business of books. 

Even when your question is outside her area of expertise, she will try to refer you to someone who can help.

Consulting by the Question

Pay only for the advice you need. No expensive retainers . . . no astronomical fees . . . just solid answers that directly address your immediate concerns, delivered in a clear and supportive way.

Bring your question to Marion, for a free quote.

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