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Pitch Party

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Upon my return, I was scanning through my RSS feeds, and saw this post on How Publishing Works. I think that it’s such a good idea, that I’m copying it!

So: please feel free to pitch your blog in the comments section. Caveats: There’s a 25 word limit, and you have to post comments on at least 3 of the other blogs that pitch here.

(Oh, and if you’re one of the spammers that keep trying to flood my comments section? Forget it. The comment won’t be approved!)


Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Just back from CIPA College (Colorado Independent Publishers’ Association seminar series) in Denver. Had a wonderful time. There was a terrible blizzard, so I only had about 20 people in my class (which was one of the first few), but I think we all felt that it might even have been more useful than usual because of the intimate size!

I want to praise the organizers, including the Dean Dr. Judith Briles, for doing such a splendid job. The classes were all extremely interesting, even for an old hand like me.

What did I teach? Basic Financial Techniques for Publishers — including how to estimate sales, how to set the most profitable price for your books, how to evaluate a marketing campaign and how to approach many other common decisions.

If you don’t know yet, many of the larger regional associations have such events. The biggest national association, IBPA (PMA that was), has a 3 days set right before BEA. Usually there are about 70 seminars in the series. If you’re interested in the latest techniques for marketing books, all of those series have tons of classes. (And yes, I teach at them whenever I can possibly fit it in.)