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A Chance to Do Well While Doing Good

Monday, February 7th, 2011

I have donated a 2 hour consult, plus assorted extras, to a charitable auction. I would normally charge $200 per hour for the consults, and $55 for the book and software package, so this is a $455 value. The crowd is not focused on publishing or writing, so the chances are that the item will go for a very low price. It’s here.

The auction supports The Lang School, which is a very special place indeed. They work with children who are simultaneously brilliant and learning disabled. You can probably imagine how frustrating and difficult it would be to walk in their shoes, especially in either normal or special education environments.

One of these kids could be the next Einstein, but without the support of an environment tailored to them, most will spiral into a cycle of failure, let alone realizing their potential and becoming the forces for good that they could be.

If you want to support the school, you can bid on the item above, or one of the others in the auction, at Bidding for Good. If you visit the school’s site, you can find out more, including this link for donations.

And finally, if you live in NYC, you can always come to the party, this Thursday, February 10. It’s called Cocktails at the Cabanas, and you can get a ticket here. I’ll be there, and it looks like it will be a lot of fun, as well as supporting a wonderful cause.