Stupid Things Pirates Say

There are smart pirates. But we’ve all heard the other ones. You know the ones. So, let’s make a “greatest hits” collection, and then some crushing responses.

I’ll kick things off on the collection, but you all chime in.

– You don’t lose anything when I make a copy. You still have your copy.
– When I share copies of your work, more people read it. You should be thanking me.
– Anything you post on the web is in the public domain, and there is no copyright on it.
– Everyone knows that piracy doesn’t hurt sales. The pirates wouldn’t buy it anyway.
– Authors/publishers are all rich anyway. I can’t afford to pay what you want, so you owe it to me to give it to me for free.
– I’m just using it to study or teach, so I can copy anything I want as many times as I want, because educational uses are all fair use.

2 Responses to “Stupid Things Pirates Say”

  1. Gloria Wolk says:

    If you’re a consumer advocate, you shouldn’t charge for your books.

    • Gloria Wolk says:

      When is the last time you came across a consumer advocate who was homeless? It costs money to do research and takes time, before the information is placed in a book, which also costs money to manufacture. Only a trust fund baby could afford to gift these, and trust fund babies rarely become consumer advocates.

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