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How Can We Eliminate “Fake News” Online?

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Right now, a very large number of people believe a raft of things that have been debunked. They’re hearing this from “fake news” sites. An example would be “Trump had more votes than Clinton.” This is manifestly not true. Trump got more Electoral College representatives, but lost the popular vote.

Another example is the rumor that Vince Foster’s death was murder and that it was covered up. A moment’s search will get you reports from the 5 different investigations, all of which concluded that there was no evidence to suggest that it was anything other than a tragic suicide, unconnected to the Clintons. This includes efforts by two special prosecutors, appointed by their political enemies.

I’m absolutely certain that there are some out there that would cater to my prejudices, too.

So: there’s fake news out there. It’s influencing significant numbers of people.

We are in publishing. What do we do about this phenomenon? How do we do it? More difficult: how will we be able to identify fake news that reinforces our prejudices?