Get innovative suggestions and time-tested techniques combined into solutions that help you make money, create new opportunities and avoid problems.

Gain the skills and knowledge to help yourself, for a price that suits your budget. 

What exactly can she do for you? That depends on what you need, as every client is different. But some of the more common questions asked include: 

  • What can I do to increase my publishing profits? Should I focus on sales? Marketing? Cutting overhead? All of the above?
  • Which marketing techniques cost more than I can get from them?
  • How do I estimate the sales of this book before I publish it? 
  • How should I launch this company? 
  • What types of distribution best fit my books and my operation?
  • What contract terms are fair to authors and to me?
  • I'm buying/selling this company. Help me evaluate it, and negotiate a fair deal?
  • How can I manage this difficult  person, whether an employee, a vendor, or an author? 

That's just a sampling, of course. If your dilemma involves money, or some aspect of the business side of publishing, the chances are very good that you've just found the short cut to your solution. Ask Marion what she can do to help you, and get a free quote.

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