Prices and Policies

Price and How It Works

You contact Marion with your question. Together, you refine it. Then you get a quote of the maximum time required to help you find your solution. If she feels she can't justify the fee, Marion will point you toward another resource.

Most questions require 30 minutes to an hour. It is rare for a question to require more than 2 hours. 

The fee is $200 per hour, via email or phone. In person consults can be arranged, if the circumstances require it. 

Refund Policy

Should you be unhappy with our services or ebook for any reason, refunds will be given upon request, and without argument. We appreciate any information you are willing to share about areas in which we can improve.

Privacy Policy

We do not share any of the information we acquire about you or your business during the course of our relationship, unless legally required to do so (by subpoenas, for example). 

Our site does not acquire information about individuals as they browse it. We do aggregate statistics. 

We do not spam, and will only contact you under very limited circumstances (complimentary upgrades on something we've sold or given you, for example). 

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